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taman al ikhlas
Seni badminton, amazing
Comment from : taman al ikhlas

Wahyu Fajri
Kevin sanjaya in indonesia..
Comment from : Wahyu Fajri

Theo Canlapan
name of music?
Comment from : Theo Canlapan

Lake Channel
เสียวตีหำตัวเอง 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Lake Channel

Jyoti Rani
Lei Chong Wei and Lin Dan are best
Comment from : Jyoti Rani

let's face it #3 is the impossible shot, Sam Parsons basically blindfolded himself
Comment from : foreverergouzi

Enggr Shakil Ahmad
Comment from : Enggr Shakil Ahmad

Annette Elliott
I wonder if Sam is a family member of Allan and Kenny Pardons.......
Comment from : Annette Elliott

Joseph Caballero
Peter Gade tricks are the best!
Comment from : Joseph Caballero

Nur Alyaa Qistina Etprs
U just miss 'S' service...Misbun Sidek(Lee chong Wei ,coach)
Comment from : Nur Alyaa Qistina Etprs

khan salim
guys pause 04:55 😮
y only the women ??

Comment from : khan salim

clinton josua
No taufik hidayat??really??
Comment from : clinton josua

Deni Kurniawan
Haha. There is no one badminton player has a perfect BACKHAND SMASH like TAUFIK HIDAYAT.
Some people in this comment debated about trick shot and back hand smash even they dont know what the
Differences between that things.

U Guys should know. Back hand shot just not basic shot but the most important and harder shot in badminton. If u have a bad BACKHAND shot watch up ur head will be smash by your friend.

Comment from : Deni Kurniawan

Muhammad Rojali
Indonesia is the winner
Comment from : Muhammad Rojali

Theo Canlapan
whats the name of the music?
Comment from : Theo Canlapan

한국인 여기여기 붙어라~
Comment from : 김루저

Digital india
2nd one was 😘😘😘
Comment from : Digital india

Gun Zack
Indonesia ga ada yg masuk? Hmmmm
Comment from : Gun Zack

By Signals
Kidding me, there no indonesian?
Comment from : By Signals

Lalaine Denuna
Comment from : Lalaine Denuna

ah jundull
They dont know indonesian player?
Comment from : ah jundull

Ronal Manurung
The besth Indonesia badminton
Comment from : Ronal Manurung

Ramandita Perdana
This guy who made this video dont know anything about the beauty of backhand smash of Taufik Hidayat.
Comment from : Ramandita Perdana

Arrival Hidayat
axelsen trickshot in this video just did in exibhition game, you missed there's same trickshot did by sukamuljo,lin dan and also axelsen in real match and real smash
Comment from : Arrival Hidayat

Tam Zu Wen
#1 wasn't even trick shot bro
Comment from : Tam Zu Wen

Bahrul Ulum
Denmark lah sepertinya pencipta trick shot.. mulai dari jamany peter gade sampai antonsen
Comment from : Bahrul Ulum

Dendy Andalas Putra
Nobody can defeat Taufik Hidayat's backhand smash
Comment from : Dendy Andalas Putra

Comment from : じゃがいも

Ha Nisa
where is kento momota n taufik hidayat???? why western dominate here
Comment from : Ha Nisa

Marko Markovic
How can you play badminton?!?!?
Comment from : Marko Markovic

puariesthaufani Nugroho
Where is Taufik Hidayat/ Kevin Sanjaya tricks?
Comment from : puariesthaufani Nugroho

1:27 OMG

Comment from : Dordo

nice song kamal kheira PRINCE
Comment from : nice song kamal kheira PRINCE

Anshu priya
To those who were waiting for Peter gade at #1 but found vittinghus amazing shot at #1
Comment from : Anshu priya

Steph tt
No matter how much Lee Chong Wei beat Lindan in every grand Prix super series because every people just see that Lindan more great than Lee chong Wei in every Olmpyic 😋
Comment from : Steph tt

haha haha
no backhand smash from taufik hidayat? why?
Comment from : haha haha

Cepet 10 juta subscriber
Comment from : NATHANIEL Valentino

Parvesh Iqbal
Victor axelsen is best player in the world
Comment from : Parvesh Iqbal

DJ Chill Will
I think number 3 and number 2 are the most incredible. The timing and skill involved are mind-boggling.
Comment from : DJ Chill Will

#6 is classic as fuck!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : 李宥叡

Rohan Prakash
Supposed in 2nd one... If The shuttle ... smashed , landed on his head...lmao...everyone would hav died laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just imagine
Comment from : Rohan Prakash

minion's fans
Bedakan mana yg memang pukulan trick yg memang sengaja dan sudah terlatih dengan pukulan yg refleks nggak sengaja terjadi. Lin dan , lcw, peter gade, chen long sama taufik hidayat, axelsen jg nah mereka tuh yg punya pukulan trick shoot yg terlatih dan udah biasa. Yg laen cuma refleks saja tanpa sengaja alias pukulan mujur mujuran klu jadi yah woww 🙂
Comment from : minion's fans

Cansoni Canson
One sided opinion to show western supremacy.
Comment from : Cansoni Canson

2:20 i dont want to try this trick
Comment from : tu

eddy ramly
Trick no 2 i can do..dont how i do it..natural talent hahahha
Comment from : eddy ramly

Comment from : モロ

macaroni officer XD
कृपया मेरी यूगियो कार्ड खाओ उन्होंने तुम्हारी माँ पर बड़ा पाप और कंगाल कर दिया है।
Comment from : macaroni officer XD

how did he hit it when he had turned around before it was even hit to him just wow
Comment from : 29loot

4:20 のリーチョンウェイの笑顔すき
Comment from : 仏死んだ

Lebar Lapangan
The Minions
Comment from : Lebar Lapangan

Joan Kaampe Wasswa
Comment from : Joan Kaampe Wasswa

mahesh singh
Victor axelson amazing
Comment from : mahesh singh

Do I Look Smart Now ?
No Taufik Hidayat is just not fair. Thumbs down
Comment from : Do I Look Smart Now ?

Bjarke Stemann
Peter Gade nr. 2 is the most difficult one. Imagine just to imagine it!
Comment from : Bjarke Stemann

no4.. boonsak
Comment from : nWo69

Anarie AgustDbts
I felt like i need more practice ..😅😅
Comment from : Anarie AgustDbts

frances fia agustin
I practice that
Comment from : frances fia agustin

MyFunnyMoments _-
Most underrated sport ever!
Comment from : MyFunnyMoments _-

Alfonso Hernandez
Playing this in P.E super fun decided to buy some rackets and shuttlecocks
Comment from : Alfonso Hernandez

Aadhya Pandey
I think 2 would be the first
Comment from : Aadhya Pandey

Kun Huo
Chen Long on this list? It was not an intention trick shot, it was pure reaction by necessity.
Comment from : Kun Huo

Thomas Go
Where's the doubles plays?
Comment from : Thomas Go

Sesu Ragu
lcw the best
Comment from : Sesu Ragu

naim rizal
peter gade no logic
Comment from : naim rizal

p G
The word" famous" used loosely
Comment from : p G

Noob Dude
My name is Chen

Just saying

Comment from : Noob Dude

Akhand pratap singh
Comment from : Akhand pratap singh

sangtea rspa
Gade was always the very best when it comes to trick shot.no one comes close to him.
Comment from : sangtea rspa

Chaitanya Kashive
Mind blowing!❤
Comment from : Chaitanya Kashive

Vasantha Kokilam
No2 was incredible!!!!!
Comment from : Vasantha Kokilam

#8 ye hai mentos wali zindagi
Comment from : xpmertsa

Saimum Mahin
no.2 of peter is the best in my opinion
Comment from : Saimum Mahin

4:20 あまり見せないリーチョンウェイの笑顔
Comment from : RiON

john gaming
Lee chong wei is the best
Comment from : john gaming

Shen Kai
1:25 this point seems so careless... None of them tried to win the point
Comment from : Shen Kai

Harry Pasaribu
No 3 best ever.. Hahhaha
Comment from : Harry Pasaribu

Krishna Kumar Sarda
Lin Dan and Peter Gade are the real trick shots. The opponent has no clue where the shuttle will land
Comment from : Krishna Kumar Sarda

Uchiha -Madara
Lin Dan >> Lee
Comment from : Uchiha -Madara

Sora San
Hahahahah thanks amma learn this moves to fuck up my friends at badminton amma be so op lol🤣🤣
Comment from : Sora San

Comment from : 関東のツッコミ下手な奴

Admin Linux Tutorials
so amazing with top 3 <3
Comment from : Admin Linux Tutorials

Tan Sing
4:33 he secretly has eyes at the back of his head
Comment from : Tan Sing

Tan Sing
#10 Viktor Axelsen must have studied Lin Dan's trick shot loads before, cuz he didn't fall for this in the 2017 World Championship finals!
Comment from : Tan Sing

x NverEnd
Axelson was real trick shots
Comment from : x NverEnd

May G Yang
Should include “Men Singles” in the tittle.
Comment from : May G Yang

Super Lab - Brawl Stars
Wtf how are these trick shots....this channel is retarded asf
Comment from : Super Lab - Brawl Stars

Badminton Famly
Love them all, badminton is the best 👏🏻
Comment from : Badminton Famly


Comment from : 久石譲は神

Jess M
Sorry... but #3 should be #1... that was God tier
Comment from : Jess M

Annika Mai
Like hvis du dansker
Comment from : Annika Mai

Elouann Frantz
I would have put Peter Gade in first position
Comment from : Elouann Frantz

xd pointy722
chen longs part of trickshot lee vhong wei's
Comment from : xd pointy722

rohana othman
I think that no.3 is the mind fuck hOw on earth he did that. Compare to others at least u saw where the shutter is
Comment from : rohana othman

Jack Olsen
A list of Danish Badminton Players doing trick shot.
Amazing video

Comment from : Jack Olsen

I've heard of some of them
Comment from : Junting

Zila Hasri
Not all hits made here are trick shots. All peter gades hits here are deceptive in nature esp his famous hold and hit deception in his earlier video. Trick shots and deception are totally two different types of badminton hits.
Comment from : Zila Hasri

Fatih Haenesa
4:45 he is not human
Comment from : Fatih Haenesa

4:51 that is why he is not a top player
Comment from : アインツベルン凛

Peter Gade "The ankle breaker"
Comment from : JKB DK

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